Breaking the Ice for the Millionth Time

Well, it’s that time again. The time where I open up another incarnation of my blog, and ride a wave of enthusiasm by actually writing on it.

I was generally pretty good at keeping up with my blog over at Itch Away. However, there was something of a professional identity crisis, combined with the increasingly unwieldy manner in which the site was designed, that eventually made updating the thing an unnecessarily involved task. Writing wasn’t the problem — making it work properly was. I had set up all sorts of fancy extras — little extras I could apply if I wanted to. The problem with that was that if I decided not to add these features, the posts looked horrible. Features and settings were bolted on with no decent planning, and eventually I felt like I wanted to set fire to the blog and claim the insurance money.

With this new, ‘from the ground up’ blog, I have made the whole thing more flexible and friendly to mobile updates and quick imagery. I love having custom headers as a creative constraint, and all of this, with the help of WordPress’s much-improved features (and a decent stock theme to hack to pieces) should hopefully encourage writing a little more regularly, although perhaps not at length with each post.

This site will hopefully help to mitigate the issues (deep, psychological issues) relating to my hybrid interests of poetry, digital poetry and literature, and coding. Having a space where both can be explored, whilst giving readers a chance to filter if desired, is the goal. Over the coming weeks and months, various ‘professional’ updates will be made, as well as thise relating to my practice as an artist. Spurred on by my recent visit the the Centre for Creative Collaboration in April (about which I mean to write a shot post next week), I am encouraged to allow this hybrid nature of my interests to play out in an experimental way. Like Jim Andrews, I regard my website as a body of work, always evolving. Experiments, works-in-progress, essays, discussions, complete work — all of it forms a kind of self-reflexive dialogue that I find essential for moving forward with all areas of my practice. Hopefully, along the way, it proves useful or at least interesting or entertaining for those reading it.

The crazy aspect of developing my new site was that I sat on it for so long until it was ‘ready.’ It is still not ready, and portfolio items, and published digital writings will be going up in the coming weeks and months too. However, this was preventing me from blogging, and since I am about to pack up the laptop and head down to Tucson for the Poetry Off the Page symposium, I was desperate to have the opportunity to write up snippets of my experiences there whenever I get the chance. That will be my first contribution to the Commentary section of the blog.

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